The Best Week of Your Life!

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A 5-day adventure, offering respite from the chaos of life.  Teen moms and their children hear and experience the love of Christ.

Teem moms consistently tell us that YoungLives​ Camp is the best week of their life. That’s a rousing (and unsolicited) endorsement! But how else would you describe a week where deep relationships are forged in the midst of mind-boggling fun and where you experience and listen to what we believe is the greatest love story ever told?

stories from CAmp

"I first met Anna* almost two years ago when she was pregnant. Then, she stopped coming and we didn't talk for over a year. It's amazing how Christ pulls people back into your life. Anna was not very open at the beginning. She thought all the talking we were doing was weird and uncomfortable. After the first full day, she started to open up bit by bit. I remember speaking to her about how she felt about the things the speaker was talking about. Anna said "I want to cry sometimes but I don't want people to see me. I feel like so much of my life relates to the stories." This resonated with me because people often don't want to show their vulnerability. As the days progressed, Anna shared with me one of her deepest wounds because she felt like she was in a safe place to express herself. Anna made a decision to follow Christ that week because she was tired of feeling like she was missing something in her life. She wants a relationship with Christ. I learned so much about her in this short time. It was definitely a blessing to have this time."

- Erika Velez, YoungLives Student Staff

*name changed for the privacy of the camper

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YoungLives Camp 2022

Sponsor a Camper!

Camp costs $650 per camper, and most of our moms can only provide a fraction of that cost. Please consider sponsoring a mom and her children! ​ You can be a part of this amazing adventure by donating to our upcoming trip to Lake Champion in August 2022!



become a childcare worker

Every year we need hundreds of childcare volunteers to join us for the YoungLives​ Experience in order to make camp happen for teen moms and their babies around the country.

We hope you will consider leading a group​ of people to join you on the YoungLives​ Experience.




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